Review: Where to EAT in Malacca? | Melantak Steak Hub

One of my favorite restaurant in Malacca is a Melantak Steak Hub. “Melantak” in Malay means “over-eating”. It is located at the Kota Syahbandar, Melaka. The restaurant is actually specializes in serving steaks. The staffs there explained that most of the meats they served are imported from Japan and Australia, and is Halal guaranteed.

You can choose to dine inside or outside the restaurant. Inside, there is air-conditioning plus the fan, but no wall separation with the outside.

There is a menu for you to choose. Besides the ones listed on the menu, there were also thawed meats and seafood in the meat displayed freezer to be chosen by the customers themselves. The meat would be grilled from rare to well, based on the customer’s preference and it would be served with barbecue sauce, coleslaw and mashed potato.

Sorry if I did not mentioned the price and dish name, as I forgot to take note. But you can enjoy the photo though. Anyway, this is one of the restaurant we keep come repeatedly if we want to have a western foods.