Review: Vietnam Airlines VN674 Economy Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Airlines is one of the airlines in the Southeast Asia that always offering the competitive ticket price. I had a chance to grab of the ticket to Ho Chi Minh City for my next Vietnam trip. Here, I would to do a little bit simple flight review for your reference in the future.

For this flight, they are using A321, almost the same as most of of AirAsia flight. When I entered the flight, no greetings from the cabin crew, as they are busy with their own work, and did not even border the passenger entering the flight.

I love their cabin crew uniform. They are wearing yellow and green Ao Dai. I think yellow Ao Dai is for the Lead Cabin Crew. To be honest, they are not really friendly like others premium airlines. They look stress and it is remind me with the budget airlines cabin crews, well not all budget airlines cabin crew are bad, some of it are excellent. Might be they are tired with the long flight.

I immediately seated at my seat. Luckily I got an emergency line seat. They asked me if I am not prefer the emergency seat, I can asked them to change the seat. I never asked for the change of the seat beore, so I did it in this flight to see the action for the crew. They told me politely that I can change to other seat once the flight taking off. I had no problem with that.

Before take off, everybody given the refreshing tissue. Bonus to the Vietnam Airlines, as not many premium airlines given the refreshing tissue for the short haul flight. Their inflight magazine ‘Heritage’ also a good read material.

For the seat, it is looking a little bit dull and old but comfortable and the leg space is spacious. No TV at the seat, so no to the flight entertainment. Centralized movie never attracted me to watch the movie. Better I watched my offline Netflix movie.

Everyone eager about the in flight meal, it is including me. As I am worried that I did not requested the Muslim Meal (MOML), but I am confidently the meal is Halal. All the flight from Kuala Lumpur are catered by Brahim Catering, and it is always Halal.

I always happy to receive a full in flight meal. Not like my national airlines, which offering a box meal even for the international flight (southeast asia) *cough* *cough*. The full in flight meal always beautiful, set of appitizer, main meal and a desert.

My main meal is a fried rice with chicken and vegetable. It is a little bit dry. I had a doubt about my appetizer as it is little bit “reddish” for normal. So, I asked politely the cabin crew about the appetizer. The cabin crew confidently informed me “Maybe PORK”. I lost my appetite immediately, as I had a little bite.

I had share my experience on the FB and I got mixed feedback about this. After I touched down, I immediately email their customer service about my feedback and what happened on the flight. To clear my doubt and at least I get the exact answers from the airlines.